Uncovering the Secrets Behind Beastie Boys' Hello Nasty Infomercial

Uncovering the Secrets Behind Beastie Boys' Hello Nasty Infomercial

The Beastie Boys are known for their innovative and groundbreaking music, but did you know they also dabbled in infomercials? In 1998, the Beastie Boys released an infomercial to promote their album "Hello Nasty." This unique marketing strategy showcased their creativity and sense of humor while also providing fans with a glimpse into their new album.

What is an infomercial?

An infomercial is a form of television commercial that is typically longer in length and provides detailed information about a product or service. It often includes demonstrations, testimonials, and a call-to-action for viewers to make a purchase. Infomercials are designed to educate and persuade consumers to buy a particular product or service.

Why did the Beastie Boys create an infomercial?

The Beastie Boys were known for their unconventional approach to music and marketing. They wanted to do something different to promote their album "Hello Nasty" and decided that an infomercial would be a fun and creative way to engage with their fans.

What was included in the infomercial?

The "Hello Nasty" infomercial featured the Beastie Boys showcasing their album in a humorous and entertaining way. They used skits, interviews, and music videos to highlight the different tracks on the album. The infomercial also included appearances from celebrity guests such as Biz Markie and Bobbito Garcia.

How did fans respond?

The infomercial was a hit among fans and received positive reviews for its unique and entertaining approach. It allowed fans to see a different side of the Beastie Boys and provided them with a deeper understanding of the album and its creative process.

Did the infomercial impact album sales?

While it's difficult to determine the exact impact of the infomercial on album sales, "Hello Nasty" was a commercial success. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 681,000 copies in its first week. The album went on to win two Grammy Awards and is considered one of the Beastie Boys' most successful albums.


The Beastie Boys' infomercial for "Hello Nasty" was a unique and creative marketing strategy that allowed fans to connect with the band in a new and entertaining way. It showcased their sense of humor and creativity while also providing fans with a deeper understanding of the album. The infomercial was a success and contributed to the album's commercial success. It remains a memorable and iconic moment in the Beastie Boys' career.

Directed by: Tamra Davis

Originally released in 1998.

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